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✨ Discover Harmony with Our Chakra Crystal Pendulum! ✨Elevate your spiritual journey and balance your energy centers with our exquisite Chakra Crystal Pendulum. This finely crafted pendulum is designed to help you attune to the subtle vibrations of your chakras, promoting alignment and harmony within.


Our Chakra Crystal Pendulum is a versatile tool for divination, energy work, and meditation. As it swings, it provides insights into your subconscious mind and energy flow, allowing you to address imbalances and enhance overall well-being.


Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a novice exploring the world of chakras, this pendulum is a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit. Use it to gain clarity, make decisions, and fine-tune your energetic resonance.

Chakra Pendulum

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    Note: Option to book products online and pay in person- only if you are having a treatment in person.

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