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The choices we make

Updated: Jun 11

I'm sitting here contemplating our lives as humans and how things play out. Do we have a say at all in anything? or is it all just a messy sequence of events?

My answer? Yes! We do have a say! Now, we may not be able to control the circumstances we've been given, but we always have choices. We get to choose how we feel in any given moment. We can choose how we react to our lives and we can choose how we go forward from this moment. It just requires our presence and some awareness.

What does it mean, to have a choice?

What I mean is that literally, in every situation in life we are making choices, even if we are not aware we are doing it. The opportunity to make a choice comes in every moment, i.e what annoys one person may be irrelevant to another or what pleases one may be unappealing to another.

These are all choices we have made, whether in the moment or a long time ago. We may have made a decision about how we feel about something or how we wish to perceive things and now we've been doing it for so long that it no longer seems like its a choice! When it is no longer a choice, it becomes a pattern of behavior.

We choose to be happy, sad, angry, jealous, grateful and the list goes on. Regardless of whether we made this decision when we were young, regardless of whether we made the decision solely by ourselves or we had an outside influence i.e. family, peers and regardless of if we are aware of it, we are still always choosing. It is still our decision, therefore it is also in our power to change it.

Taking back our choices

Once we reach the realization that we are choosing everything we are then in the position to take back our power. That is to say that if we are not happy with how we currently feel or we are not happy with our current circumstances, we can actually start to make new choices today. We can create a new beginning in every single moment. All it requires is a little mindfulness and the willingness to change. How much we actually want to change and improve our lives will definitely play a big part.

If you think about it, life up until this moment is just an accumulation of our choices. The past no longer exists however the present is the result of our past choices. In order to create something different tomorrow and in the future we must start by choosing something different today.

I believe being mindful- meaning to be conscious or aware of something and being present have a huge part to play when embarking on this journey of understanding our choices.

Changes in perspective

Most of the time our choices are linked to our perspective and our general outlook on life. If we look at everyone as being judgmental then we may feel offended and judged by others actions, however we could also change our view to see that everyone has their own free will and their own choices. Do you see how this approach would feel totally different?

Imagine how much happier we would be if we took this new type of approach. Not being passive, just being aware of the choices, this person chooses to be angry at the world but I choose to be happy and full of life.

We cannot control others choices or behavior nor do we need to. Nobody is right or wrong, its just a matter of what feels good and what doesn't and then choosing what is best for each of us.

Other people may choose something else which you don't agree with but just remember they also have the same opportunity to choose as you just they may not be aware of it. You can always choose how you feel and how you react in life.

Imagine how much power this can give you over your own experience!

The choice really is ours to make!

Just like we cannot always expect good things to happen, we also don't know what life circumstances will come our way! All we can do is learn to be aware of ourselves, our triggers and our choices. We can change our outlook and look for the good in the bad!

Honestly, I believe if we can learn to find even some good in the bad days and the difficult moments then the rest can be a piece of cake :)


Moral of my story is even if we cannot control our circumstances, we can control our own attitude, perspective and outlook.

This is how we can remain in our personal power.

This is how we can become happier, live in the moment and even change our future prospects! :)


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I am always looking to improve my content so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

If you would like some help in becoming aware of your current choices and how to change them, contact me for a coaching discovery call and we can delve into it!

Let's see where you are and how you can get to where you want to be! :)

I'd be honoured to help!

With Love,



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