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Easy tip to calm anxiety and shift focus

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I don't know about you, but worrying has been something which has plagued me for years!

One thing goes wrong and I worry about it so much that I end up feeling like everything is going wrong and my whole life is falling apart!

If this sounds familiar, then I have a wonderful tip to share with you, which has really helped me to get out of my head and put things into perspective!

What is this magic tip?

It's very simple really, it’s called the life pie!

What is the life pie?

The life pie is basically an adaptation of the pie chart you used to draw at school, except in my opinion, the life pie is much more useful in your daily life!

How does it work?

  • What you need to do is draw a pie chart and divide it into sections representing different aspects of your life. You can divide your chart into as many sections as you like, In this example, I’m going to go with these 7:

  1. Money

  2. Career

  3. Family

  4. Friends

  5. Hobbies

  6. Love/ dating

  7. Spirituality

Remember: You are free to choose how you want to divide and name the sections as long as you feel it is a good representation of whatever’s important to you!

  • Once you have created your chart, you will fill in each section depending on how fulfilled you are in that aspect of your life i.e. leaving the section blank would mean you are not happy at all in that area whereas a full block colour shows that you are completely satisfied in that particular section.

  • Take your time to think about each area and complete your chart.

  • Once you have completed the exercise take a step back and have a look at your result.

Note: I find this exercise really wonderful to put everything into perspective! Normally it’s much easier to focus on what’s not working and we can be very hard on ourselves for not being perfect (the truth is its very rare that we will be 100% fulfilled in every section of our life/chart))

Now that you have a clear map of your life laid out in front of you (what’s working and what’s not) it will be much easier for you to see where you need to do some work and also realise that things may not be as bad as they seemed.

This exercise was shown to me to help me to get out of my head but the wonderful thing I realised, is that it can also be used to practice gratitude!

When you feel like everything is going wrong you cannot possibly find anything to be grateful for BUT when you can see your life laid out in a simple chart you can see that some things ARE working and there are definitely some things that you CAN be grateful for!

The law of attraction states that what we focus on expands so now that you know what is working in your life, you can really put in the effort to focus your powerful energy here!

Once you practice gratitude for the things that are working in your life, you can raise your vibration and attract more wonderful things to be grateful for, therefore with some time, your chart will change. All it takes is a little effort to become aware.


This a short and simple exercise to help you to put your thoughts into perspective. It is a wonderful tool to help you to determine what IS working in your life. It will help you to change your focus and practice more gratitude going forward.

Extra tips:


I would love to hear from you! Let me know if you tried it out!

What did you discover?

Did you find this helpful?

Do you have any thoughts on how to make this exercise even more beneficial?

This exercise really helped me through some difficult times in my life, I really hope it can be of some benefit to you too!

Take care :)

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