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Empath Community

Empathic Connections Community

Welcome to our Empathic Connections Community in Limerick, a haven for empathic souls seeking understanding, growth, and unity. We gather bi-monthly to explore the transformative power of empathy and self-discovery.

Location: The Urban Co-Op, Ballysimon Road, Limerick. V94N7D3

Empathic Exploration

Join empathic sessions led by Lorraine Lynch, an Empowerment Coach and Reiki master, to nurture your inner harmony and embrace your sensitivity.

Kindred Connections

Connect with like-minded souls who share your path. Forge friendships, share insights, and harness the power of collective empathy.

Transformative Insights

Dive into essential topics such as setting empowering boundaries, managing energy overwhelm, and embarking on a self-discovery journey guided by empathic coaching expertise.

Embrace Authenticity

Invest €10 per session to support our thriving empathic community and discover the empowerment that comes from embracing your authentic self.

Join us in our Empathic Connections Community for an enlightening event. RSVP on meetup and take the next step on your journey of self-discovery and connection with fellow empaths.

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