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Tera Mai Reiki Level 2

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Welcome to Tera Mai Reiki Level 2, the next step in your path to profound healing and personal growth. In this course, you'll dive deeper into the world of Tera Mai Reiki in Limerick, exploring advanced techniques and symbols unique to this practice. Enhanced Healing Explore unique Tera Mai Reiki symbols that amplify your healing abilities, opening new pathways to healing and personal growth. Distance Healing Mastery Learn how to send healing energy across time and space, offering healing to anyone, regardless of their physical location. Empowerment and Intuition Dive into specialized techniques that deepen your connection to healing energies and elevate your intuitive abilities. Mental & Emotional Healing Discover the power of Tera Mai Reiki in facilitating mental and emotional healing. Unlock profound self-healing and personal transformation.

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